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Battery Life Extension Tips

Time to Read: 2 minutes

Batteries are the heart of hearing aids - without them your hearing aids won't work at all.

So follow our handy tips that will improve the battery life of your hearing aids.

Here is a short list of tips that could noticeably extend your battery life

  1.  Before inserting a fresh battery into your hearing aids, peal the sticker off and leave the battery to breathe for 5 minutes before inserting it in the aid. Recent research has shown doing this one thing could increase battery life by up to 20%!
  1. Try not to touch the flat back of the batteries as the oil in your fingers could block the air holes. Air is vital for proper operation of a Zinc-Air battery
  1. Store your batteries in a cool dry place – like in the back of a drawer or cupboard – keep it away from kitchens (including fridges), bathrooms and other wet areas in the house.
  1.  Make sure the expiry date is still valid – this is written at the back of the battery packet.
  1. Don’t pull off the sticker from the battery until you are ready to use it. These batteries will run flat when you do that within about 3 to 6 weeks depending on battery size – without putting it in a hearing aid.