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Hearing Aid Buyer's Guide Further Reading

If you've enjoyed The Hearing Aid Buyer's Guide in our print book edition, we'd like to welcome you to this special page with our specially curated selection of articles which may be of interest to you.

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Hearing Aid BasicsValue Hearing looks at different types of hearing loss and how someone can hear some things well and not others.

How do Hearing Aids work?

Which Types of Hearing Aids are Best?

What to expect from Hearing aids as a first time user

Can Hearing Aids cause further hearing loss?

Do I need one hearing aid or two?

Choosing a Hearing Aid

Hearing aid MythsSmile! Your ears are as unique as your finger prints.

Which hearing aid is best for me?

Understanding different hearing aid technology levels

Reasons why your hearing aid might not work in noise

Choosing a hearing aid that will work for me in noise

Is an invisible hearing aid better?

Hearing aids for when you have one “dead” ear (CROS)

Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

Hearing Aid Features

The latest must-have features in hearing aids for improved hearingValue Hearing looks at how to clean your hearing aids

The latest information on rechargeable hearing aids

Bluetooth hearing aids

Hearing aid costs and funding options

Value Hearing’s price range guide

Hearing aid funding options in Australia

Upgrading your current hearing aids

How to make sure your next hearing aid is much better than the last

What has changed in hearing aids over the last 4-5 years

Getting the Most out of your hearing aids

How to Improve TV listening with Hearing aids

Managing Ear Wax

Handling on Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing Aid Troubleshooting Guides

How To Hear Your Best In Difficult Situations

Getting the most benefit out of your hearing aids - Guide

Other guides, checklists and books

6 Step Checklist to finding your ideal solution

Value Hearing’s Tinnitus Self Help Guide

The cost of untreated hearing loss