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Hearing Aids - Especially Programmed For You

Time to Read: 5 minutes

Hearing aids are sophisticated pieces of electronic equipment. Think of them as mini computers for your ears. Hearing aids are programmed especially for you, taking into account the specific nature of your hearing loss and lifestyle. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can order hearing aids online and have them work best for you. In fact, manufacturers insist hearing aids are fitted by audiologists who have the training and the equipment to program the hearing aids so they fit best and give your best possible hearing.

Tailored to fit

Not only is your hearing loss unique, so are your ears. Your ears need to mapped to ensure that the solution proposed is right for your ears - some ear canals are wider, others are narrower, some may have scarring from repeated infections, for example. Depending on the nature of your hearing loss, moulds may be taken to make sure shells the house the hearing aids fit your ears to perfection. Domes are selected to ensure the receivers fit comfortably in your ears and give you the best possible hearing.

So, what things are programmed?

Thanks to high tech computer chips, hearing aids are better than ever. They are smarter and more adaptable to a wider range of conditions and circumstances. Hearing aids are programmed to amplify frequencies you are not hearing effectively. They are also smart enough to identify the voices you want to hear and reduce the background noises that make it difficult to enjoy conversations. They also come with different settings to ensure you're hearing your best in the widest number of circumstances and with useful features such as tinnitus masker. Factors which are programmed include:
  • Volume
  • Maximum output of power
  • Microphone usage
  • Intensity levels
  • Noise reduction
  • Frequency and,
  • Compression ratios

Why you shouldn’t try to program your own hearing aids

Would you replace the brakes on your car if you weren’t a mechanic? No? Then why would you try to program your own hearing aids? People who typically try to do this have bought their hearing aids online in a misguided attempt to save a few dollars. We investigate the topic here. Moreover, hearing aids are required by their manufacturer to be fitted by trained clinicians  in order to qualify for the three year warranty. Unauthorised programming or tampering may very well void your warranty. Your audiologist is trained in understanding hearing and hearing loss. Independent audiologists are also skilled in programming a wide range of hearing aids. Programming hearing aid software is a specialist task. Incorrectly programmed hearing aids which are not fitted by a trained clinician may, in fact, harm, your hearing.