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How often should I have my hearing checked?

Time to Read: 3 minutes

We get our eyes checked regularly and we get our teeth checked regularly.

Doesn’t it makes sense to get our hearing checked regularly?

While dentists and opticians recommend annual checkups, audiologists recommend three-to -five yearly checkups - if you haven’t been already been identified with a hearing loss.

Hearing loss can creep up on people unawares but the sooner it is identified, the sooner your hearing can be maximised for the longer term.

Unfortunately, many of us are guilty of treating our cars better than we treat ourselves! If we book our cars in for a regular service, shouldn’t we be doing the same for ourselves and loved ones?

A baseline test should be carried out as early as possible in your adult life.

In the absence of any other health concerns affecting your hearing, you’ll only need a hearing test every five years up until the age of 45 and every three years after that. If you’re over 60 years of age, a hearing test every two years is advisable.

If you work in an occupation that exposes you to loud noises or, if you already wear a hearing aid, you should have your hearing tested more often.

How do I know I need to have my hearing checked?

Can you answer yes to more than three of these questions? If so, make an appointment with us today for a hearing assessment.

  1. Are you avoiding meeting new people because you struggle to hear?
  2. Is talking to family and friend frustrating because you have trouble hearing them?
  3. Do you have difficulty hearing or understanding co-workers or clients?
  4. Are there things you feel you cannot do as a result of a hearing problem?
  5. Do you have difficulty hearing when visiting friends, relatives or neighbours?
  6. Do you have trouble hearing movies or live shows?
  7. Does a hearing problem cause you to argue with family members?
  8. Do other people in family complain about the loudness of the TV?
  9. Do you find it difficult hearing friends and family when you go to restaurants?