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How To Replace a Receiver on a Signia RIC Hearing Aid

How To Replace a Receiver on a Signia RIC Hearing Aid

Signia (previously known as Siemens) receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aids can be fitted with different strength receivers.

From time to time, these receivers can degrade in performance and also stop working. Fortunately, receivers can be easily removed and replaced, if your hearing aid has been fit with a dome.

Signia receivers on most of their RIC hearing aids currently still in use are called ‘miniReceiver 2.0’ and come in 3 different strengths - S, M and P.

To change a receiver, you need to first ensure that you have your hearing aid and new receiver (check that it is for the correct side and the same power as your existing receiver. The markings on the top and bottom of the receiver should match your existing receiver), and a pin removal tool.

Signia receiver image 1
Remove the existing receiver

The receiver is secured to the top of the hearing aid by a locking bar. This locking bar can be accessed on only one side of the hearing aid.

Signia receiver image 2

Use the pointed end of the pin removal tool to push the locking bar until it protrudes out of the aid (note that you will not be able to push the locking bar out of the hearing aid completely - it will stop around the 1mm mark).

Pull the existing receiver gently away from the hearing aid.

Signia receiver image 3

Replace with a new receiver

Take your new receiver. Align the coloured section (red indicates a right aid receiver, blue indicates a left aid receiver) with the indent on the underside of the hearing aid until it sits flush with the hearing aid body.

Once the receiver is securely in place, push the locking bar back into the aid (you can also use the other end of the pin removal tool to assist).

Signia receiver image 4