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Instant Fit Invisible Hearing Aid

Time to Read: 2 minutes

Signia has recently released the new Silk hearing aids, developed to make life as simple as possible for people who experience hearing loss. Comfortable, discreet and secure, these little wonders are hidden deep in the ear and, thanks to super-soft slip-on silicone sleeves in different sizes, fit in most ears, instantly. There’s no need to wait for the hearing aids to be custom-made. The benefits of Signia’s cutting-edge primax technology, providing clear and effortless hearing, can be experienced from day one, in housing so small that they are almost hidden from sight within the ear.

And that's far from all. Thanks to the built-in music programs, music and TV can be enjoyed with the sound coming directly from the TV or home stereo system into the hearing aids using Signia’s TV transmitter.

Signia’s new Silk hearing aids were designed with the wearers’ experience in mind. The lives of those with hearing loss don’t have to change just because their hearing does, and now Signia’s hearing solutions are making hearing again, easy!

Silk comes in three price ranges
The Basic Silk 3 Px ,
the Advanced Silk 5 Px
and the Premium Silk 7 Px