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New Phonak Audeo V Range Makes Hearing Easier

Time to Read: 3 minutes

With twice the processing power over its previous models, the new Phonak Audeo V range of hearing aids offers its users better hearing in a range of challenging situations and the better quality of life that goes with that.

The top of the range Audeo V90 now offers seven automatic programs to deal with problems such as speech in noise, speech in loud noise, comfort in noise, music, speech in car and comfort in echo.

But on top of that there’s an extra five manual programs and other features to help you cope with difficult hearing situations such as speech in wind, whistle block, noise block and echo block.

“Clear speech understanding in daily life situations: This is what people with hearing loss expect from a hearing solution. As simple as it may be in quiet surroundings, as challenging it still is on the move or in noisy locations”, says Martin Grieder, Group Vice President of Phonak.

“This is where we have put the focus in developing our new platform and our lastest generation of hearing aids. Whether in the car, on the phone or in a restaurant: The new Audéo V hearing aids offer precise performance all while seamlessly adapting from one soundscape to another,” he said.

Despite their hefty increase in processing power Phonak has achieved a much-appreciated 30 per cent improvement in battery consumption, which means you’ll be changing batteries a lot less frequently.

With the new Phonaks come a range of Bluetooth accessories including the ComPilot Air, which now doesn’t need a neck loop to work with your hearing aids.

Other accessories also pair with your mobile phone and can turn your iPhone into a remote control for your hearing aids, which is very convenient.

There are four models in the range, the V30, V50, V70 and V90, which are suitable for mild to severe hearing loss.

We’ll be “road testing” the new Phonaks in the first edition of our new quarterly newsletter, but if you can’t wait ‘till then call us to see and hear how the new Phonaks can change your life for the better.