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Proven Long Term Client Satisfaction - It's What We Live By

Time to Read: 4 minutes

Too many hearing aid retailers are only concerned with the initial sale. A few are even very keen to offer attractive prices just to get your business, but they soon forget about you once your money is in their pockets! This is a complaint we have heard from several clients moving to us from other providers: "They just don't care!".

At Value Hearing & Tinnitus Solutions we are serious about your long term success and satisfaction. We have in place a rolling survey that measures client satisfaction at five different points along the journey with us, starting immediately after the initial assessment right through to 3 years+ after the initial hearing aid fitting.

We have had hundreds of responses, with more pouring in daily and the numbers are very encouraging. Using the Net Promoter Score ®, which is a recognised and widely used score measuring client satisfaction as a single number ranging from -100 to +100 (Not a Percentage), we can compare our performance against the leaders in client satisfaction in the world. The way it works is that a score below 0 is considered poor, above 0 is good and a score above 50 is considered Excellent.

For example, Apple Computers™ is considered to be a leader in client satisfaction and boasts one of the best NPS® scores out there. Harley Davidson Motor Cycles ™ scores similarly to Apple™ with a score of +67. There are very few companies in our industry using this score so far, but one company in the US, called Sonus™, claims a score similar to that of Apple ™ (approx. +70)

We are very proud that Value Hearing & Tinnitus Solutions has achieved, at the time of writing, an long term, overall NPS ® score of +80, which is higher than most companies in the world. In real terms this means that over 96% of our existing clients are likely to recommend us to their friends or family. Over 83% of our clients rated their satisfaction at 9/10 or 10/10 while another 13% rated their satisfaction at 7/10 or 8/10.

We use this score to as a way to consistently improve our service to you and also to actively follow-up with those we have failed to satisfy in order to make things right wherever possible.

So our Promise to You that we provide long term client satisfaction is not simply just something we say, it is what we live by.

It is a Proven FACT!