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ReSound Enzo Q Overview

Time To Read: 3 minutes

There is a fresh hearing aid option for clients who have severe to profound hearing loss.

ReSound ENZO Q, boasts advanced technology to help users better hear and understand speech in noisy environments while still receiving extensive connectivity and support.

High levels of amplification to feel connected and assured in your surroundings are good, but unpleasant amplified noises are tiresome.

ReSound ENZO Q endeavours to strike the right balance. It detects your environments and automatically adjusts volume and noise settings to just-right levels. Distracting background sounds like running water or the din of traffic become comfortable, yet still audible.

RS_EQ98_plastic-hook_color_line-up-vThe technology also takes the edge off particularly loud, jarring sounds, such as keys dropped on a table or audience applause. In fact, 89% of sudden loud sounds are made more comfortable with ReSound hearing aids.

These new aids stream directly from both Apple devices as well as Android devices (from version 10 with Bluetooth version 5.0 and the Android Streaming to Hearing Aids feature). This means you can treat these hearing aids as your own personal wireless stereo headphones to take phone calls, watch TV or listen to music.

ReSound boasts that you’ll be able to understand 50% more of the conversation on average, compared to a regular phone call. 

The telecoil feature enables you to connect to loop sound systems and get amplified sounds delivered directly to your hearing aids in public spaces, such as museums, live venues, lectures or theatres.

Giving you greater control over the hearing aids is the ReSound Smart 3D app that features a program carousel which makes it easy to scroll through the right settings for different environments. It also has geotagging which means that when you’re out and about, your hearing aids will switch to the right setting for that location.

Other features include:

  • Filters and quick buttons for the sound enhancer to increase speech 
  • Find my hearing aids app
  • Tinnitus relief sounds.