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Safe, cost-effective hearing aids

Considering the health and financial implications of the current COVID-19 Crisis, Value Hearing has come up with a plan to help you get quality hearing aids cheaper and in a safer manner.

We have found a way to offer good outcomes while cutting down on the time required in-clinic dramatically.

This is safer for you.

Clinical time is often where costs are incurred, so in doing so we are able to offer the added benefit of lower hearing aid prices!

The hearing aids we have chosen for this process are made by the two largest manufacturers in the world, so quality does not suffer at all.

How it works:

Step 1: Book an online consultation.

Step 2: Undergo a quick online test to determine which hearing aid will work best for you.

Step 3. Attend your online consultation with an experienced audiologist, where they will discuss your needs and options and determine the best brand/model for your needs.

Step 4. Attend an in-clinic fitting consultation in a clinical environment where we have taken additional care to ensure we reduce your risk to a minimum. The audiologist will confirm your results and fit the hearing aids to you, instructing you on use and making sure you can manage them effectively. They’ll help set up your phone for future remote appointments.

Step 5. Enjoy your hearing and book an online fine tuning appointment when required.

Oticon Ruby-1What you get:

  • You receive a pair of Bluetooth enabled hearing aids, which can be adjusted remotely via a Mobile phone app
  • You receive a free 30 minute online consultation as well as a free online speech in noise test
  • You will receive a 45 minute in clinic appointment with a hearing specialist, who will set up our hearing aids for you and who will help you manage your hearing aids independently. This will take place at one of our clean and safe locations.
  • The hearing aids come with a 3 Year manufacturers warranty.
  • You will receive a charger, with rechargeable models or a box of suitable batteries with any disposable battery models.
  • You will receive up to 2 remote adjustment appointments included in the hearing aid price. (Normally $80 each)
  • Once the crises has passed, you will be eligible for one 30 minute in-person consultation with one of our specialists ($150 value)
  • You will receive a hearing aid case and cleaning kit as well as an initial supply of consumables (domes and wax filters)
  • You will enjoy a 60 day full money back guarantee.


  • Hearing aids available only as a pair.
  • Limited to Phonak Audeo Marvel, Oticon OPN S and Oticon Ruby Range of hearing aids.
  • Requires a 30 to 45 minute appointment in one of our safe clinics. Read here how we are working to keep you and our staff safe.
  • Limited to receiver in the canal hearing aids (most popular style) fitted using domes only.
  • Only suitable for Mild to Severe hearing loss (not profound levels of hearing loss)
  • Government pensioner subsidy is not available for this process.