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How to get your next hearing aid on us (or at least at a significant discount)?


Time to Read: 6 minutes

Who does this apply to?

  • Existing clients of Value Hearing – i.e. you have been in to see one of your audiologists for a consultation
  • New Clients who wish to have both them and a friend tested at the same time – significant discounts await

Why are you doing this, what’s the catch?

Value Hearing’s purpose is to empower individuals to thrive and engage through optimized hearing. We do this by providing hearing aids combined with exceptional levels of care at fair prices.

We do understand that hearing aids certainly are not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. This prevents many people from getting hearing aids in the first place and even prevents those who need to upgrade, from getting new ones when they are due. This stands in the way of us fulfilling our purpose, so we decided to do something about it.

We also understand that it takes expensive marketing to gain a new client and this adds to the cost of hearing aids in general. Further we have noticed that clients who have been referred to us, tend to be much more like the ideal client who referred them in the first place, compared to someone gained as a client through general marketing processes.

So we put 2 and 2 together and came to the conclusion that we can get more of the clients we want to serve, whilst saving on marketing costs. These savings could then be passed on to our clients who refer and those they have referred to create a better experience for all involved.


How can I potentially get my next Hearing Aid for free?

 As an existing client of Value Hearing you have the ability to refer people you come into contact with, to us. We only want you to do so if you are happy with the services received from us, as we understand that your reputation is also on the line as much as ours.

If you refer someone to us as an existing client, they receive:

  • 100% off their assessment fee
  • $100 off per hearing aid they purchase from us

You receive:

  • $200 in points per referred client who purchases from us and retains their hearing aids past the 60-day money back guarantee period.
    • These points are not exchangeable for cash, but can be accumulated and used towards any future transactions with us.
    • These points are deposited into your Value Hearing Account automatically and you are notified about this via email.
    • You can even transfer these points to a friend or family member if you prefer.
    • To use the points you simply purchase anything from us and request that your points be used first.
  • You may refer as many people as you like and add up points to potentially get your next hearing aid for free.

Wait there is more….

As an existing client with hearing aids from Value Hearing, you also automatically have access to a special discount based on how long ago you purchased your last hearing aids from us. This discount might be boosted from time to time with special promotions.

Add this to your referral points and you are well on your way to getting your next hearing aid with significant discounts from us.

How do I refer?

If you have never been to us before:

  • Simply book an assessment for you and your spouse or partner and one of you will get the referral discount on their assessment and hearing aids. If you both purchase, one of you will receive the $200 in points 60 days later (if you both keep the hearing aids)

If you are an existing client:

  • Honestly and openly talk to you friends and family about your experience with us and your hearing aids.
  • Ask our reception for referral cards and hand them out to those you feel could benefit from the service you received.
  • You could also get the person you are referring to SMS refer to 042 82 455 82

Email the person you wish to refer’s details to refer@valuehearing.com.au

You or the person you are referring can visit our referral page and complete the form. We will then contact them soon after to arrange the next step.