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New Technology On The Horizon

Time to Read: 2 minutes

Earlier this year Phonak and Siemens launched fantastic new chipsets but did not fill out their entire range yet.

So we expect some new releases based on their current industry leading technologies during the EUHA.

Phonak is expected to roll out their 24 bit Venture chipset to in-the-ear hearing aids. Siemens is likely to launch low end products based on their Binax chipset.

The biggest launch at the EUHA is expected from WIDEX, who is set to release a brand new chipset and range to compete with the big boys in the industry.

There might also be some surprises forthcoming from the other manufacturers such as Unitron and Oticon.

What we can say with confidence is, that there will be some exciting new products really soon if you are looking at in –the-ear Phonak hearing aids or have your heart set on Widex hearing aids. Value Hearing offers up to 120 days in which you can exchange to newer technology by paying the difference, which would cover such launches. This way you can benefit from better hearing straight away, while not being left with older technology the moment you buy new hearing aids.

We will provide more in-depth information on the new launches in the next two newsletters as soon as we have more details available to us.