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Tag: Widex

How to successfully switch from an analogue to a digital hearing aid

by Christo Fourie

Time to Read: 8 Minutes by Christo Fourie Even though digital hearing aids have started appearing in 2006 thanks to Widex, and are now the only type

3 Must Have Hearing Aid Features in 2020

by Christo Fourie

Three Must Have Hearing Aid Features for Optimal Performance in 2020 PLUS a few more niche ones for specialist applications. As well as our

Hearing Aid Accessories Reviewed

by Jacqui Carling-Rodgers

Time To Read: 8 minutes

Hearing Aid Connectivity Comes of Age

by Christo Fourie

Time to Read: 20 minutes There are however a few problems with the MFI hearing aids Why don't these devices sound as nice as wireless earphones?

Hearing Aid Tweaks & Updates: May 2018

by Christo Fourie

Time to Read: 5 minutes

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

by Christo Fourie

Time to Read: 10 minutes In the past decade or so, there has been some experimentation with rechargeable hearing aids. Most notably Siemens (now

2017 Hearing Aid Overviews

by Christo Fourie

Time to Read: 2 minutes 2017 smallest hearing aids Unitron Moxi Tempus overview Phonak Audeo B-R Rechargeable overview Oticon OPN - Made for iPhone

Modern Solutions when you only have one working ear – CROS/BICROS

by Michael Parker

Time To Read: 5 minutes Single-sided deafness requires special solutions, we take a look at CROS/BiCROS. What is a Bi/CROS system Potential benefits

The quality difference between various hearing aid technology levels

by Christo Fourie

Time to Read: 8 minutes Hearing aid technology levels are arbitrary levels set by suppliers and hearing aid retailers to separate hearing aids into

Widex Launched UNIQUE™

by admin

Time to Read: 3 minutes

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