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Tag: About hearing

Yawning and Your Hearing

by Jacqui Carling-Rodgers

Time to Read: 5 minutes We all know that yawning is contagious but did you know how yawning affects your hearing? We take a look at: Why we yawn Why

The colour of noise

by Jacqui Carling-Rodgers

Time To Read: 7 minutes Did you know that sound has a colour? We take a look at the spectrum of noise and what they're used for and how they may help

Improve TV listening with Hearing Aids

by Georgia Cambridge

Time to Read: 4 minutes Even when wearing your hearing aids, it can still be difficult to hear your favourite program or news segment on the

Hearing Loss and the Ageing Brain

by Nicholas Guildhary

Time To Read: 7 minutes It's inevitable. The older we get, the worse our hearing becomes. But that's only part of the story. We explore the subject

What to Expect from a Comprehensive Hearing Aid Assessment

by Christo Fourie

Time To Read: 20 minutes What to expect at your hearing test Before your initial appointment Let the Assessment begin! Making sure there are no


by admin

Time to Read: 3 minutes

Books, Books Everywhere!

by admin

Time to Read: 3 minutes

Otitis Externa (Outer Ear Infection)

by admin

Read Time: 4 Minutes Outer ear infection is painful! This article looks at: Factors That Lead To Otitis Externa How Is It Treated Prevention Is

Can Hearing Aids Cause Further Hearing Loss As It Makes Things Louder?

by admin

Time To Read: 2 minutes

Signs Of Hearing Loss

by admin

Time To Read: 9 minutes

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