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Widex Launched UNIQUE™

Time to Read: 3 minutes


Widex has recently launched their newest hearing aid technology called the UNIQUE™.

The new Unique range replaces the well-known DREAM™ range.

With the incredibly wide dynamic range of 108dB the Unique can give you access to a much wider range of sounds from very soft ( 5dBSPL) up to very loud (113dBSPL). This gives access to clearer soft level sounds and also loud sounds with less distortion. This very wide soundscape is  much closer to what a person with normal hearing has access to.

The Unique True-Input Technology™ preserves soft details while keeping it comfortable and natural. This promises excellent sound quality and speech intelligibility in very loud sound environments.

The soft level noise reduction increases comfort in quiet environments by reducing undesirable noises and preserving the audibility of important soft sounds.

The active two-microphone Wind Noise Attenuation uses adaptive filtering to increase comfort and speech understanding in windy situations.

The Widex Sound Class Technology classifies the environment into one of 9 classes and adjusts the functionality of the hearing aid features to fine tune them to each environmental class according to user intention, be it audibility or comfort. This ensures that the hearing aid features are always fine-tuned to your specific environments and that the full potential of the advanced hearing aid features are utilised without having to control it manually.

The UNIQUE™ is available in four levels of sophistication:

440 – If you demand the most sophisticated technology without compromise

330 – If you demand high standards of performance in everything you do

220 – If you demand good value

110 -  If you look for affordable technology solutions

This technology is available in all the custom sizes from micro-CIC to larger in-the-ear style, discreet receiver-in-the-canal and standard BTE styles.

You can also combine your UNIQUE™ hearing aid with the DEX™ communication accessories to instant connection to remote control, mobile phone, tablet, computer, TV etc.

UNIQUE™ is particularly suited to musicians and other lovers of music, where sound quality is of utmost importance.

If UNIQUE™ is of interest to you, contact us on 1300 000 000 to arrange an appointment to discuss your needs with one of our audiologists.